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Adults & Teens


Workshop For Adults & Teens

Mandala Art On Wine Glass

Let's relax, unwind and create personalized wine glass with calming Mandala Art.


Practicing Mandala has proven to have a very mindful effect on our mind and body.

In this workshop, we will create an elegant


Mandala dot art on a wine glass with special enamel dish washer safe paints.


Personalize your glass with your creative idea ,design, colors , make it one of a kind and special.


$40 Per Participant


Workshop For Adults & Kids 10+ 

Watercolor Stencil +

Brush Calligraphy 

Let's relax, unwind and create personalized wine glass with calming Art.

A guided Step by step process will end up making a beautiful art project using floral expressions and a positive calligraphic message. Working in a motivating and nonjudgmental environment is very relaxing. 

All levels of adult welcome, you don't have to be good at drawing to attend this workshop.


$35 Per Participant


Workshop For Adults &Teens

Madhubani Art 

Indian Folk Art On Canvas

In this workshop we will create a beautiful Madhubani Art using traditional motifs and design.

It's an interesting workshop for Artists, Crafters, Hobbist and Designers. If you are eager to learn and enrich your creative knowledge this workshop is for you!

Madhubani painting/Mithila painting is a folk art, traditionally created by the women of various communities in North East region of India. The painting was traditionally done on freshly plastered mud walls and floors of huts, but now they are also done on cloth, handmade paper and canvas.

$40 Per Participant


Workshop For Adults & Kids 10+

Watercolor Expressions

Watercolors are brilliant, vibrant & beautiful mediums.

In this workshop we will create a beautiful nature inspired watercolor art with lots of projects to choose from.

Our main focus will be to expressive create birds and flowers.

Get inspired and motivated by easy to follow instructions. This is a fun and relaxing workshop! Explore & experience this medium to get started in your amazing art journey.

Workshop will cover basic brush strokes, color mixing and techniques. The versatility of this medium is amazing. Participants will create a unique and expressive art ready to be framed.

All Level Adult Workshop - no prior experience or knowledge is required. The only thing you will need, is an imagination and an open mind.


$35 Per Participant


Workshop For Adults & Teens

Art & Mindfulness-Meditation With Acrylic Paints On Canvas

Art & Mindfulness 

A creative process helps connect to your mind, body and spirit with colors. The process begins with a short guided meditation rooted in mindfulness technique. Followed by a guided journey to create an expressive abstract art with acrylic paints on canvas in a non judgmental environment This practice helps experience blissful feeling, helps in the healing of body and soul.


$45 Per Participant


Workshop For Adults & Kids 10+

Tapestry Weaving -Wall Art

Coming Soon...

This is a  a fun  and exciting intro to weaving for all levels. In this workshop you will make a miniature tapestry wall hanging from start to finish.

You will have various colored yarns to choose from the basket and create a fun and inspiring wall art!

 Join along with your friends , have fun conversation and weave a dreamy , inspiring & fun . 

This is a great  workshop for yarn crafters & knitters.


$45 Per Participant