Adult Classes

Beginner To Experienced 


Weekday Mornings




In Studio

As Scheduled


As Scheduled

Class : 75 minutes


Are you ready to learn something new? Have you always wanted to give Pencil Drawing a shot? We’ve got classes for varying skill levels and in different mediums. All of our guests and students love coming to our classes and we get great reviews from current and past participants.


As Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”


Our adult classes offer personalized instruction depending on the experience of the student and their interests. Everyone in the class can work on different projects and at different levels.



After determining the current level of the student and discuss their interests and objectives for the class, Rashmi suggests a series of projects that will strengthen the skills they need to improve or teach a new medium they have not experienced before. Students can choose from pencil, watercolor, oil pastels and acrylics and, in some classes, oils.


Classes conducted weekly or project-based. You can enroll at any time if we have space in the class. 


Student grade materials are included in the fees (some exceptions), if adult students choose to use artist grade art materials they should be getting their own supplies. List of materials will be provided after enrollment.


In Studio Students: Class size 1 to 4 students

Students get a full access to Studio library Art books. 

Students work with Advanced Student or Artist Grade Art Materials

Basic materials such as pencils, eraser ,brushes, napkins & other drawing materials will be provided to students in the class materials are included in the fees. Students are responsible to carry their portfolio, art journals, sketch books and project related art supplies to class.

 List of materials will be provided after enrollment.

Tuition : Fees $180 for 6   Classes.

                      $315 for 12 Classes.

                      $450 for 18 Classes

The fees can be paid in full during registration. There will be no refunds for partially completed classes. Monthly invoices for continued students 18 classes and more . The classes are flexible as scheduled.

COVID Safety for In-Person Students