Art & Mindfulness Workshops

Is This For Me?


*If you are overworked and would like to find some peace, tranquility, serenity, and harmony in your busy life.

*You would like to explore a new medium of Meditation and Mindfulness.

*You are looking for a medium to connect to your inner soul.

*You are a creative person and feeling a creative blockage.

*You are a passionate person and would like to awaken your inner artist.

* You always wanted to learn visual arts.

This art is for Anyone and Everyone. You don’t need a formal training in traditional art. It is very forgiving and non-judgmental.


Practicing meditation through arts as a medium is a beautiful spiritual experience.

It helps boost self-confidence and self-awareness. This practice helps one experience blissful feeling and heals body and soul. I will walk you through the process to find inner peace and true connection to oneself. 


Art and Mindfulness workshops are special adult events.


If you would like to have the experience with your friends please contact me to schedule.