Private Classes
Teens & Adults
Advanced Students ( AP Art & Portfolio)

Painting on Canvas

Weekday Evenings


In Studio

As Scheduled

Private Classes are One on One Classes for advanced Students Only.

These are not a Beginner classes. These classes are more vigorous and intense. They  are focused on a advanced students skill development  or specific needs like preparation for Fine Arts/ Visual  College application, Portfolio development, Visual Arts College Tutorials

are personalized for each student depending on their level(Beginner to Advanced).

Students should have prior knowledge of all the mediums, color theory, drawing and sketching.


In Studio Students: Class size 1to 2 students

Students get a full access to Studio library Art books. 

Students work with Advanced Student or Artist Grade Art Materials

Basic materials such as pencils, eraser ,brushes, napkins & other drawing materials will be provided to students in the class materials are included in the fees. Students are responsible to carry their portfolio, art journals, sketch books and project related art supplies to class.

 List of materials will be provided after enrollment.

Tuition : Fees $35/Class (As Scheduled). 

The fees can be paid in full during registration. The classes are flexible as scheduled.

Students in this program are eligible for Studio -Drawing From Life Classes.


COVID Safety for In-Person Students