Summer Classes

Ages 5 to 18, Fees $150

In-Person & Virtual

Paint Brushes
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Enhance Your Skills 


Classes are personalized for each student depending on their level(Beginner to Advanced). Classes are small and everyone in the class can work on different projects and media.

These less vigorous classes compared to Fall/Spring Semester classes .They are fun and relaxed project based classes. Students get the freedom to experiment with mediums. Each student works on their own pace and goals..

Accordingly, we suggest a series of projects that will strengthen the skills they need to improve or teach new media they have not experienced before. They can choose from charcoal, pencil, watercolor, soft and oil pastels and acrylics. Along with the main project, the student will also be learning the concept of design, composition, color theory, contour line, negative-positive space, values and lots of fun sketching time. Continued students will also be able to take advantage of the library and the personal project helps. 

Summer Classes , Schedule changes every Summer 

Summer Classes : June, July

Classes Conducted Weekly During Summer Holidays

Required to Sign Up: 6 Classes 

COVID Safety for In-Person Students 



Summer Art Camp

Ages 12 to 20,  5-Day Camp, Fees $275


Painting Equipments
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Ages 12 to 20

Summer Art Specials
Lookout for schedules and dates nearing April/May

Summers are the perfect time to work on creativity, learn and enhance skills. Every summer art workshop syllabus is designed around a topic and subject. It is educational were we cover a brief study of Art history, about artists and their style. We work on basic skills, color concepts, design concepts and much more.  

If you are looking for a fun, creative and instructional art summer camp,  do not look more, you found us!   

Five Day Workshops:

This workshop is designed for mainly for Art students. Each year the subject is picked around major Art Eras and time line. Students learn about that particular art history, artists of that time , their style and technique and more to build strong art foundations.


Ages 12 to 20

This workshop for 

Each sessions(3 hours) through the week (5 days) 

Afternoon schedules


Fees: $ 275

Reservation is required in advance.

(In case of cancellation small fees of $ 35 will be applied )


COVID Safety for In-Person Students