Teens Art Classes

All Levels

Classes are personalized depending on the level -Beginner to Experienced. Classes are small and everyone in the class can work on different projects and media.


New students are evaluated to determine their level by submitting their recent artwork, sketches or drawing via email.

You can request a free personal 30 minutes meeting at the studio to talk and determine the student's interest and objective of the class. Accordingly, we suggest a series of projects that will strengthen the skills they need to improve or teach new media they have not experienced before. They can choose from charcoal, pencil, watercolor, soft and oil pastels and acrylics. Along with the main project, the student will also be learning the concept of design, composition, color theory, contour line, negative-positive space, values and lots of fun sketching time. Continued students will also be able to take advantage of the library and the personal project helps. 

Classes conducted weekly or project-based. You can enroll at any time if we have space in the class. 


Student grade materials are included in the fees (some exceptions), if students choose to use artist grade art materials they should be getting their own supplies. List of materials will be provided after enrollment.



Drawing painting classes for Teens

Required to Sign Up: 4 to 6 Classes 

Class meets: Weekdays Evening 

                       Please Contact To Schedule